Let’s Work Together!

Almega’s Promise to Developers

We will work for you to ensure the highest standard of tenant and manage all paperwork and logistics so you can rest assured that your units are taken care of.

We will always:

  • Ensure the highest standard of resident screening and selection with developer input.
  • Maintain rent level integrity to avoid issues with the inventory sales process and to prevent upsetting buyers.
  • Ensure both buyers and residents are covered by all necessary insurance to prevent issues and delayed registration of development projects.
  • Provide confirmation of all residents to developer lawyers to adjust for HST on final closing and to avoid issues with the CRA.
  • Provide residents with a copy of all necessary condominium documents together with their lease agreement.
  • Confirm the resident has signed off on the public utility or sub-metering accounts for their unit.
  • Provide confirmation to building management to ensure interphones are updated with resident information.
  • Ensure any chargebacks during occupancy that are the responsibility of the resident are collected and paid to the developer and/or the condominium corporation.
  • Collect completed assignment agreements with the fee to the developer to create a revenue stream during occupancy.
  • Offer pre-delivery inspection as an option to buyers to assist with sign off with Tarion.
  • Provide copies of all leases to the homeowner board to comply with requirements of the Condominium Act.
  • Represent Owners at turnover meetings.
  • Personally greet all residents with a welcome package as well as a tour of their new condominium and amenities. All rules of the community will be given prior to handing over the keys to their new condominium.
  • Commit to actively terminate any tenancy if the resident becomes an issue as swiftly as possible.

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